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Vinyl pools are the most common type of in-ground pool. Vinyl pools are installed by digging out the soil, constructing a frame around the pool and placing sand at the bottom. Lastly, the vinyl liner is secured to the frame. With this type of pool the vinyl lining will need replacing about every 10 years and it should be drained for the winter months.

Vinyl-lined pools

Fiberglass pools

The body of fiberglass pools is constructed as one piece of fiberglass. This shell is then delivered to your home. One benefit of this type of pool is lower maintenance compared to vinyl pools.

Lifetime warranty on fiberglass and Radiant  pools!




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If you want an in-ground pool installed, choose Pools, Spas and More. We will help you select the right product for your situation and has the experience to install your new pool correctly. We offer a lifetime warranty on our pools and spas. Pools, Spas and More is an authorized dealer of Radiant Pools.

Luxurious In-ground Pools

Pools, Spas and More offers many pool-related services. If you need a fence or wrap-around deck for your pool, we can do that. Patio furniture, pool care accessories and Amish-built awnings are some of the things we offer to make your pool the perfect hang-out for your family and friends.

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33' radiant pool | Dished out to 6' | Vermiculite base


Above Ground Pools

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